E-commerce UI UX design for one of the top online poster sellers of North America.

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For generations, films have had the ability to evoke memories in our lives. From childhood, to juggling life as adults, going to the movies was an experience we could share with our friends, families, and the hundreds of strangers sitting among us. strives to be the best and most complete on-line catalogue of movie posters available in North America.

The Challenge’s catalogue was conformed of an overwhelming number of posters. The amount of posters available at the that time in the thousands, and the number of products was continuing to grow over time. It was, therefore, quite a challenge for this type of business to display all of their product catalogue in an accessible way. In addition, the enormous quantity of posters available needed to be subdivided into several categories. Each one of these needed to be appealing to the different types of’s target audiences.

Process and Role

Hubnest Inc. was contacted by to develop and redesign their on-line store. The task assigned was to develop a more vibrant and efficient digital experience for their customers. My role within Hubnest’s creative team for this project was as a Jr. UI designer. Along with Hubnest’s multi-disciplinary group of professionals which included senior UX UI designers, project managers, marketing strategists, and developers, we used our skill sets to achieve the best result. After having several meetings with’s marketing team, we were able to understand the problems to solve along with the struggles their customers were experiencing with their e-commerce website. In addition, to obtain a better understanding of’s target audiences expectations, we performed interviews with a number of individuals seeking to identify pain points and problems to solve. Simultaneously, we developed site maps, personas, user flows, and journey maps following design thinking principles to set up the workflow for the development of both low and high fidelity prototypes. Also, we performed a number of A/B testings as part of the process to achieve the best results.

The Result

The final result of this design journey was the development of a personalized e-commerce experience. This solutions enabled the e-commerce experience to adjust the way its list of products are showcased based on users’ preferences.


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